Huggie Beauty Earrings For Your Area

Huggie Beauty Earrings For Your Area

Huggie Beauty is the nexus of cutting-edge laser hair removal and treatment technologies paired with exceptional service. Located in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood, Huggie Beauty is committed to bringing accessible modern beauty to everyone.

Huggie earrings are thick, small hoop-like ear jewelry that click into place and sit snugly against your earlobe or other chosen location such as the helix. Unlike ear cuffs, huggies don’t require an ear piercing.

Organic Beauty Sunslice Huggie Earrings by Ruchi New York

Add a touch of edgy to your daily ear party with these dainty, yet sophisticated huggie hoops. Made from 14k solid gold, they fasten with a hinge feature that opens easily to secure them in place and can be closed back up once they are in the ear lobe. Featuring 1.62 carats of sliced Polki cut diamonds, a classic diamond shape that has adorned Maharajas and Maharanis for over 500 years, these earrings showcase the stone’s captivating inclusions in hues of honey, caramel, gray, and earthy brown. These simple beauties are perfect for gifting to friends, loved ones, or why not, yourself!

1.62 Carats of Sliced Polki Cut Diamonds

Diamond slice jewelry is growing in popularity, with designers like New York’s Jean Prounis incorporating the stones into her organic gold pieces. “They are a symbol of our heritage,” she says. “They are a little more rustic than polished diamonds, but they have an organic look and feel.”

Unlike traditional cut diamonds, which are faceted to maximize sparkle, polki diamonds follow the lines of the rough stone, often with a surface that has a softer glow. They also typically have inclusions that are downplayed in other diamond cuts, and are a popular choice for those who prefer a less flashy piece of jewelry.

Many consumers mistake polki for kundan, but kundan is actually a type of 24 carat gold foil. Polki is the term for uncut diamonds that are used in Indian Jewellery such as Kundan Meena Jewellery and Open Polki jewellery. Also, polki diamonds are a little more affordable than a traditional cut diamond.

1.34 Carats of Diamonds

Huggie hoops are more than just a classic style — they also come in a wide array of styles, from sleek and minimalist to elaborately encrusted. John Atencio’s Lines and Essence Diamond Huggie Earrings feature artfully inspired creativity alongside scintillating white diamonds, while the Arrivo Pave Diamond Huggie Hoop Earrings by Jax Kelly showcases a variety of gemstones that frame sparkling lab-created gems like garnet, peridot, or blue topaz.

These dainty huggie earrings include a mix of round, baguette, and pear-shaped diamonds, allowing you to choose the perfect shape for your ear stack. They are crafted from solid 925 sterling silver and include an elegant jewelry pouch and gold embossed gift box. These earring make for the perfect accessory to complement your evening gown or to wear during special occasions.